The notes here are not complete. They include few, if any, images, maps, or primary sources; this is due to limitations in space and potential copyright violations. In addition, the notes do not come with an explanation or discussion. Beware of not coming to class and thinking the notes are just as good.

To view the saved file you need to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer. If you do not have MS PowerPoint then you can follow this link to download a file that will allow you to view and print the files.

Read the file "How to work with PowerPoint in the classroom.doc" about taking notes and PowerPoint.

  1. Before History
  2. Early Civilizations
  3. Nine Point Comparison Essay
  4. Week 1 Study Guide l "Before History.pdf" and "Middle Eastern Societies.pdf"
  5. "What should I know for the reading quiz.ppt"

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