Topic 1

What is culture? Do environmental conditions and changes in the techniques of production have an effect on culture? If so, how?

Topic 2

What were women's roles in the first 4 million years of human history? What evidence can we find that might give us some indications of what women’s roles may have been? Does the evidence indicate how women's roles may have changed over time? How and why might such change have occurred?

Topic 3

How did differences in the environment and geographical location affect the development of the three early civilizations?

Topic 4

What evidence do you see here of interaction between these civilizations and other peoples (including interaction between the three civilizations themselves)? How important do you think that interaction with other peoples was for the development of these three civilizations?

Topic 5

What factors might explain the rise and decline of civilizations in general? Of these particular civilizations?

Topic 6

What is the connection between knowledge and power? How did writing play into this relationship?

Topic 7

Compare the political system and the political philosophies of China to those of Egypt and Mesopotamia. How does ideology develop in response to political and social crises?

Topic 8

How did elites in Nubia, Mesoamerica, and China gain access to and maintain control over essential raw materials? What factors might account for the different strategies adopted by elites in different times and places?

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