Origins of Agriculture, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus ValleyEdit

"Pronunciation Guide -- Origins Mesopotamia Egypt and" - Hear the Words!!



Yoruba  yoh-roo-bah
Oduduwa  oh-DOO-doo-wah
Beijing  bay-jeeng
Australopithecus africanus  aw-strah-loh-PITH-uh-kuhs ah-frih-KAH-nuhs
Australopithecine  aw-strah-loh-PITH-uh-seen
hominid  HOM-uh-nid
Pleistocene  PLY-stuh-seen
Olduvai  ol-DOO-vy
Homo habilis  HOH-moh HAB-uh-luhs
Homo erectus  HOH-moh ee-REK-tuhs
Homo sapiens  HOH-moh SAY-pee-enz
Paleolithic  pay-lee-oh-LITH-ik
Neolithic  nee-oh-LITH-ik
Vallon Pont-d’Arc  vah-LON pon-DAHRK
Tehuacán  teh-wah-KAHN
maize  mayz
quinoa  kee-NOH-uh
Zebu  ZEE-boo
Holocene  HAWL-oh-seen
lineage  LIN-ee-ij
matrilineal  mat-ruh-LIN-ee-uhl
patrilineal  pat-ruh-LIN-ee-uhl
Kikuyi  ki-KOO-yoo
matriarchy  MAY-tree-ahr-key
Jericho  JER-ih-koh
Delhi  DEL-ee
Krishna  KRISH-nuh
Arjuna  AHR-joo-nuh
Çatal Hüyük  cha-TAHL hoo-YOOK
legume  LEG-yoom

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