The Wikipedia category Animal welfare and its subcategory Animal experimentation contain several articles that have been the subject of NPOV disputes (For example, see). Some articles about specific types of animals (such as the Wikipedia monkey article) are also involved in disputes about how to describe the animals that are used in biomedical research.

One approach to resolving some of these disputes might be to provide an historical outline of attempts to improve conditions for animals such as monkeys that are used in laboratory research. The recent review article: USDA Perspective on Environmental Enrichment for Animals along with the others,

provide useful information, some of which should be added to Wikipedia.


Rodents are used for many biomedical research projects. Non-human primates are useful in biomedical research for the study of physiological processes that are significantly different between rodents and primates.

How should Wikipedia describe the role of the animal welfare movement in identifying problems in how laboratories have handled monkeys and in promoting more government action to regulate laboratories and how they house and handle non-human primates? It might be useful to describe the current system of inspections of facilities and what happens when violations of existing animal care laws are found. It would also be useful if additional references could be found to document regulations/inspections for laboratories outside of the United States.

There is good information about the regulation of animal use for laboratory research that has been placed in wikipedia at: wikipedia:Animal testing#Regulation. In the case of the United States, it is important to explain the role of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees. Maybe wikipedia should have an article called Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. That article could explain the central role of IACUCs in U.S. research that involves animals and describe how the laws for animal use impact on IACUCs, including the government inspection system. It should be possible to do this from an historical perspective and show the important role of the animal welfare movement in pushing for better conditions for laboratory animals, including primates. A large number of wikipedia articles including wikipedia:Monkey will then be able to link to one central wikipedia article that describes the rules, inspections and penalties that govern the use of animals in biomedical research.

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