CSUN Spring 2005 BUS302 Thursday 7PM Team 4

What this isEdit

This is a workgroup collaborative environment for team 4 of the CSUN business 302 class that meets on Tursday at 7PM, in the Spring of 2005.

For non-group members, please don't edit this page. you may use the discussion. The page will be free-for-all after June 2005. Thanks for understanding.


February 2005Edit

Tuesday 15th: Editing the first two assignments.

Monday, 14th: Created the wikicities page for the team, with papers.

Saturday, 12th: Group met at Borders in Sherman Oaks.

  • Decided on team name "14 A Consulting"
  • A couple papers to be written.
  • Created Yahoo Group for the team


  1. Building trust and confidence
  2. Rules of Behavior
  3. Workplan


  1. A day at the movies

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