System: Windows, MacOS X, Linux
Current Version: 0.85
License: GNU General Public License
Age group: various

According to the homepage the software is for children below the age of 4. Software for children of ages 2 or 3 is not categorized here so the software is categorized as "Ages 4 and up".

This recension is a stub. If you are using this software yourself you can document your experiences here. Please aim for a neutral point of view.

Plugins Edit

Plugin Task Age
Numbers Put the correct operator between two numbers. 5-7
SoundNpic A toy for young children with pictures and sounds. 2-4
Packid A pac-man game, try to catch the letters. 4-7
Soundmemory The classic memory game, with sounds. 3-6
Fallingletters Type them before they reach the ground. 4-7
Findsound Listen to a sound and find the image to which it belongs. 3-5
Findsound2 The same as findsound, now with numbers and letters. 5-6
Pong The classic game, play alone,against the computer or against another child. 4-7
Billiard Try to put the balls in the hole. 4-7
MultiTables Learn the multiplication tables. 7-9
Puzzle Recreate the image. 4-6
LetterFlashcard Learn the alphabeth by listening to the words and initials. 1-4

Weblinks Edit

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