May 10, 2006Edit

I'm going to take a more prominent directive role here, and would like to encourage all of you to come up with ideas on what this wiki is to be used for. Christopher Mahan 05:22, 11 May 2006 (UTC).

Teaching toolsEdit

Hi! I have been using the site as an outlet for tested teaching tools in science for elementary schools. I started a Biology_in_elementary_schools page that links to around 20 lesson plans. The lesson plans are done as assignments by college students in my course. My reasoning is that an assignment can have a longer life than the duration of the course for which it was written. Any feedback is welcome. What do folks think? How do you feel about the 'command performance' nature of this approach? Does the content fit with the overall goals of the education wiki? If all goes well there will be a new set of activities added in spring 2008 Cheers! Declan 19:10, 24 April 2007 (UTC)

Attracting ContributersEdit

I wonder if there is more we can do to attract contributers. I am considering a short article about my student's projects for publication somewhere. If successful, it may garner some attention for the site. Also, I notice that some pages open with a "we are currently editing on X pages", and links to the active pages (I suppose utilizing the recent changes function). It may be helpful. At the moment, many of the links from the main page are dead ends. I would think that would discourage first-time users. It may even be better to not have those structures in place unless there are the pages to link to?Declan 20:29, 24 April 2007 (UTC)