Eastern Illinois University or EIU is a public, 4-year university located in Charleston, IL. It was established in 1895 as Eastern Illinois State Normal School, a teachers' college offering a 2-year degree. Since then, the list of majors and degrees offered has expanded greatly. In 2008, William Perry became the current president of EIU. The school colors are blue and grey and the mascot is the panther. The mascot's name was changed from Billy the Panther to Prowler the Panther in 2003 and then changed back in 2008 to Billy the Panther.

EIU has over 150 clubs and organizations as well as plenty of sports to get involved in. EIU students have a meal plan that they can use at any dining center on campus. There are 12 residence halls. There are 3 co-ed, 3 all-male, and 6 all female. There have been numerous well known-alumni from EIU. John Jurkovic, Matt Hughes, Dan Steele, Tony Romo, Kevin Duckworth, Tim Bogar, Sean Payton, Brad Childress, Kirby Wilson, Kevin Seitzer, Kyle Hill, Jeff Gossett, Marty Pattin, Larry Smith, Jerry Van Dyke, John Malkovich, Burl Ives, Mike Shanahan, Paul N. Hopkins, Joan Embery, Jim Edgar, and Joan Allen are just a few of them.

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