Hints for Tutors Edit

Utilities for using the Web and Windows Edit

  • Try using the excellent Firefox browser, which you can download here with V2L. It enables you to keep a number of 'tabbed' windows open at the same time. One of the benefits of this is that you can leave an unsent Vmail message open while you check another page on the platform. (If you use your forward or back buttons what you've written so far will not be stored by the system and you'll have to start again.)
  • This isn't directly connected with the V2L platform, but an excellent program for use when working on V2L is the file manager 2xExplorer which can be downloaded here It makes navingating around folders on a Windows system much easier than is possible using Windows Explorer - as the '2X' suggests, the file manager is based around two windows and enables lots of useful features like 'bookmarking' individual folders so that you can jump straight to them by pressing a two key combination. 2xExporer is freeware - as you'll see, the site includes links to its shareware successor, Explorer2, but I much prefer the earlier version.

Hints for Tutors to Pass on to Students Edit

Useful Hints on the V2L Platform Tutors need to give their Learners

[Please feel free to add further hints]

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