'Vision2Learn Conference


Tuesday 25th October 2005


Shelley van Kooten

The following questions were posed in the IV break-out session:

How much should a centre IV?

Newbury College IV 30% of inexperienced tutors and 10% of experienced. 2 Assessments per unit. The time spent depends on the course GLH. 30 minutes = 2 assessments for 1 learner. A learner is enrolled on our MIS system and then put on a tracking log of IV.

Do Centres only IV Feedback?

No, it should be the learners assessment and tutor feedback.

What Awarding bodies does Newbury College use?


What is the frequency of standardisation meetings?

Newbury College doesn’t have separate standardisation meetings. We make it part of our tutor meetings. We set up our processes and discuss their validity and structure at the meetings.

When do you start the IV process?

Newbury College – From Enrolment.

Thresham College – From beginning of Academic year.

??? College – From the submission of Assessment 1.

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