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Welcome to the homepage of Ms. Brown, Mr. Keatley, and Miss Phillips's tour to Japan in 2008!

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[[File:./Japan Parent Letter.pdf|***Open Letter to Parents***]]
[[File:./2007-2008 Information and Application Booklet.pdf|**2007/2008 Information Booklet**]]
[[File:./Application Page.pdf|*APPLICATION FORM*]]
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[[./About EF Tours|About EF Tours]]  All the information about the tour company, links to their website, and a short video (coming soon)
[[./About Japan|About Japan]]  This page tells you a little about the beautiful country of Japan. Here you will find information on weather, travel, and tourism.
[[./About the Tour|The Tour]]  All about the tour! Where will we be going? How will we get there? What is in Japan anyways? Here all of these questions are answered.
[[./Cost of the Trip|Cost]]  Details about the price of the trip and what is included
[[./Frequently Asked Questions about Japan|FAQ]]  Frequently asked questions about Japan
[[./The Chaperons|The Chaperones]]  Your group leaders. Get to know the people you will be traveling with a little better.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view files on this site. Click the link below and download the software for free.

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