[[./Payment Schedule|**Payment Schedule**]] 

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- Round-trip airfare
- 7 overnight stays in hotels with private bathrooms
- Breakfast and dinner daily
- Full-time bilingual EF Tour Director
- 3 sightseeing tours led by licensed local guides:
Osaka Castle
- 7 visits to special attractions:
Nijo Castle
Silver and Gold Pavillion
Heian Shrine
Lake Hakone cruise
Meiji Shinto Shrine
Sumida River cruise
Asakusa Kannon Temple
-Traditional tempura dinner

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           TOUR DETAILS 

Tour: Japan:           Land of the Rising Sun
Number of Days:    9
Depart Date:          Saturday, Apr 05, 2008
Return Date:          Sunday, Apr 13, 2008
Depart From:         Miami
Final Payment:      Friday, December 28, 2007

Tour Fees
Program Fee                          *$2,340
Departure Fees                           $273
Lifetime Membership Fee               $95
Weekend Suppplement                 $70
Peace of Mind Program                 FREE
Subtotal for Students                $2,778

Adult Supplement                         $290
Subtotal for Adults                     $3,068

TOTAL PRICE                   With AutoPay            Total
 Students                      **$186/month            $2,778
 Adults                          **$205/month            $3,068

* Program fee valid from all who enroll through Sunday, December 31, 2006.
**Estimated monthly payment if a participant enrolls on Friday, Dec 06, 2006.

Departure fees subject to change.

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