Business Hours

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Weekdays Sat. Sun. & National Holidays
Banks 09:00-15:00 closed closed
Post Offices 09:00-17:00 closed closed
Dept. Stores 10:00-20:00 10:00-20:00 10:00-19:30
Shops 10:00-20:00 10:00-20:00 10:00-20:00
Museums 10:00-17:00 10:00-17:00 10:00-17:00
Offices 09:00-17:00 closed closed

Some main post offices are open seven days a week.

Most department stores are closed for two to three weekdays a month.

Most museums are closed on Mondays.

National Holidays

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Date Name of the Day
January 1st New Year's Holiday 
The 2nd Monday of January Coming-of-Age Day 
February 11th National Foundation Day 
March 21st Vernal Equinox Day 
April 29th Greenery Day 
May 3rd Constitution Memorial Day 
May 4th National Holiday 
May 5th Children's Day 
The 3rd Monday of July Maritime Day 
The 3rd Monday of September Respect for the Aged Day 
September 23rd Autumnal Equinox Day 
The 2nd Monday of October Health and Sports Day 
November 3rd Culture Day 
November 23rd Labor Thanksgiving Day 
December 23rd The Emperor's Birthday 

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