All of Japan is in the same time zone,

9 hours ahead of G.M.T. No Daylight Saving Time is practiced in Japan.

Shown below is a list of time differences between Japan and other major international cities.

<tbody style="TEXT-ALIGN: center"> </tbody>
Sao Paulo -12 hrs
Toronto -14 hrs
New York -14 hrs
Chicago -15 hrs
Mexico City -15 hrs
Los Angeles -17 hrs

<tbody style="TEXT-ALIGN: center"> </tbody>
           Asia & Oceania 
Sydney +1 hr
Seoul 0 hr
Hong Kong -1 hr
Beijing -1 hr
Singapore -1 hr
Bangkok -2 hrs
Jakarta -2 hrs

<tbody style="TEXT-ALIGN: center"> </tbody>
Moscow -6 hrs
Frankfurt -8 hrs
Geneva -8 hrs
Paris -8 hrs
London -9 hrs

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