<img size_type="resize" ialign="lwrap" style="WIDTH: 129px; HEIGHT: 96px" alt="./CIMG0115.jpg" src="/File:./CIMG0115.jpg&action=thumb&contextid=1296" class="lwrap" />Mr. Keatley has a long history of travelling. By the age of 14 he had travelled to all fifty states and to seven countries. He has been to both South Korea and Japan once before and has spent a fair amount of time in the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto. In March/April of 2007 he will be travelling with his first group of students to Paris, France.

Mr. Keatley is the Advanced Placement World History teacher at Western High School and looks forward to seeing the beautiful sites of Japan with a great group of students and once again becoming immersed in an amazing culture.

Contact Information for Mr. Keatley:

Email: [[1]

Work Phone: 794-323-2400

Home Phone: 772-285-2431

Snail Mail: Scott Keatley c/o Western High School

    1200 SW 136th Ave.

    Davie, FL 33325  

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