Welcome to the Wiki for MEDA 5685: Online information resources class, meeting during the Spring of 2006 at East Tennessee State University.

Since this course is all about online information resources, I thought that we would create our own online information resource, and use it as the main project for this class. We will talk more in class about how the wiki will be used in the course, but we'll really create it as we go along. I'm no expert on this wiki thing, so we'll be learning together how it works and what it does, while you're building a site based on the content of the class.

This front page will act as table of contents and starting point for the site. Feel free to edit it and anything else on the Wiki--that's the point of this thing! Don't worry about messing it up. We can re-create if we need to by using the History on each page. Experimentation is going to be one of the ways that you'll learn. If you just want to play with the formatting and other functions without messing with content, do that on Our Sandbox page.

--MarieJones 21:31, 14 Jan 2006 (UTC)

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