This wiki is about my MSc Project in eTechnology. The aim of the project is to help the user to define a CSP problem (variables/domain/constraints) with the help of ontologies.

Happy reading!

Mathieu Villemont

30/05/06: abstract expected b4 the 2nd of June.

Meetings Edit

Resumes of the meetings with Derek.

>>> Next meeting: friday 9th June. <<<

Time line Edit

  1. Project Plan: Friday 2 June, 4pm
  2. Code/Archive: Wednesday 2 August, 4pm
  3. Presentation: week commencing August 7
  4. Demonstration: week commencing August 7
  5. Dissertation: Wednesday 16 August, 12 noon

Documentation Edit

  1. Project plan
  2. Presentation
  3. Dissertation
  4. User Manual

Background Research Edit

System Development Edit

System Development

Coding Edit


Testing Edit


References Edit

CSP programming Edit

Protégé and OWL Edit

Contact Edit

  • email: mvillemo AT
  • msn/skype/wengo: mounkye

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