2nd Week (24th May) Edit

1. Read & analyse about 12 brain teasers and classify them into Stuart's classification.

2. Use CSP solver. [Online CSP tutoral]

3. Tutorial in CS tasks.

4. Use protege to create a simple ontology (e.g. about cars). [online tutorial]

5. Use OntoSearch to find relevant ontologies.

6. Demo of KA for CSP software.

Make notes/draft a background chapter for the report.

2nd Week (25th May with Stuart Chalmers) Edit

CSP programming Edit

A good introduction to csps is the following:

a read through of this will give you a good overview of csps. Also here:

will give you a basic introduction.

For the purposes of your project, ONLY look at finite domain csp programs and the definitions of them.

In terms of software, we have been using CHOCO, a java library that lets you do basic CSP programming:

There are some examples you can try if you download the code - it would be good to get used to this solver and how it works.

Protege & OWL Edit

Protege is a standard ontology/ontology instance editor that you can use for making up some example ontologies.

you will probably need this if you are doing any ontology related work.

Also, in terms of ontologies, we have one already set up for CSP problems here:

this will show you an ontology that can represent CSP problems, as well as some examples.

Finally, if you are doing any OWL or RDF related work in your own code you will need to use JENA:

Again, if you download it and have a look there are some examples.

I've also included a document here that goes into a bit more detail about the classifications of csp problems, plus here is a quite detailed explanation of the classifications:

4th Week (9th June 12:30) Edit