Overview of the Course

Next Steps in IT is an ideal course for anyone looking to improve their basic IT skills – either for work or for fun. Throughout this programme, you will learn how to:

  • Use computer equipment
  • Create word-processed documents
  • Use spreadsheets
  • Use email
  • Use the Internet
  • Create web pages
  • Use database techniques
  • Create artwork and images.

The course is divided into the eight units listed below. Click on each bullet point to find out more about each unit and to access, edit or add-to the material each page contains.

There are currently two versions of the course, V2 and the 05/06 version. Both courses have the same unit structure, but they differ in the which units are compulsory and which ones the learner can elect to study. V2 has four compulsory units and the student then selects two of the remaining four as options. In 05/06 the student only has to study Unit 1, and then must select four of the remaining seven units.


The pages for each unit contain:

  • general notes and advice on tutoring the unit;
  • ideas, concepts and models which supplement the course material;

links to useful websites and notes on other resources, including books and papers;

  • a list of Frequently Asked Questions;
  • hints for the successful completion of each assessment - these are intended to provide a basis for guidance to learners which can be included in feedback on their Induction Assessment (in relation to the first assessment) and then at the end of feedback on each subsequent assessment.

This list is likely to be augmented as the wiki develops.

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