We have been introduced to an open source or shared source for audio and video.

We can share our elements of learning on a shared server, organize them and search them for our use now or for students now or in the future and a way to keep building more and more information.

So now reduced to the simplest form of collaboration and discussion - let's Group Wiki.

How many or you have heard of, used or experienced a Wiki? How many would like to experience a group wiki?

Think back, how many of you have had 12 versions of a document on your desktop, 20 email messages, and 7 saved voice messages as you and your group work on a project.

What if you always had the most current version at your fingertips. What if you always had the past versions available. What if you could edit in real time or asynchronously.

You can use Wiki technology in a many-to-many communication. You can use wiki technology as a knowledge base to keep track of papers, presentations and project. It can be viewed and updated using simple edit and link functions.

Now let's look at a Wiki.