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Mentoring Portal

This will be a portal for (self-)portrayal of mentoring organizations for teenagers and young adults and exchange of ideas for mentoring organizations.

If you want to add a mentoring organization please create the geographical categories for country and region (and city) if they do not already exist and add the mentoring organization to or as a page in the category that best describes its area of service. If you have to disambiguate the name of an organization or you want to share a generic page name (e.g. Mentoring) with other organizations in the same region or city please append the ISO country code, (region) and city again in round brackets: "Mentoring (UK, London)".

The idea is that mentoring organizations may be interested to find immediate neighbors.

Category:North America, Category:South America, Category:Africa, Category:Europe, Category:Asia, Category:Australia

Please note that the geographical categories may be used for any other kind of information, not just the Mentoring Portal.

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