Notes, hints and tips for tutorsEdit

Some learners - and tutors for that matter - might be surprised that the first unit in a course on EI covers the topic of innovation. It's important to remember that the course is concerned with EI at work - hence the course title - and that innovation is one of the most important things that organisations do. Effective innovation - which has been defined as 'the generation and exploitation of ideas which add value' - depends crticially on how people interact with one another. Having an idea is one thing (and is arguably the easiest part of the innovation process) but turning into a value-adding change involves close interaction between people. That interaction - and ensuring that it works effectively - is what this unit is all about.

Ideas, concepts and models which supplement the course materialEdit

[Nb. Notes/headings only at this point]

  • Kirton's 'adaptor/innovator' model
  • Whole brain thinking
  • Examples of successful innovators which make specific references to to how different aspects of their EI contributes to their success.

Links to other resourcesEdit

  • 'Thinkertoys', Michael Michalko: an excellent collection of dozens of idea generation techniques including the Scamper technique which is introduced during the course. [1]
  • The 'KAI' (Kirton Adaptor Innovator) centre's website [2]

[more to be added]

Assessment SummariesEdit

[Here's an example of the kind of thing I had in mind including here. It would be nice to use a table but this is currently very fiddly using the Wiki markup and it's a lot easier to keep it simple.]

Assessment 1-1
Summary: describe and differentiate between examples of adaptation and innovation in a specific business sector
GLH: 7 minutes
Hints: can be difficult to distinguish between an adaptation and an innovation: few innovations are completely new. Advise learners that 'business sectors' can include public sector organisations/activities.

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