This page is for general advice on using the V2L platform. To keep this simple, please just add "dos" and "don'ts" under the headings provided below using asterisks to create bullet points (click on the 'edit' tab and you'll see how the examples we have included have been formatted.) Remember to log in before editing.


  • Use Firefox as your browser - it's often very useful to have two or more pages open at the same time and Firefox's tabbed browsing facility makes this very straightforward. Firefox is the result of an Open Source project and can be downloaded here from
  • Feel free to send this Adobe Acrobat file to your learners - it provides a single page of guidance on the often vexing subject of how to submit assessments via the V2L platform.


  • Navigate to another web page after drafting a vmail message but before sending it. When you use your 'back' button to return to the draft the text will have disappeared. (If you use tabbed browsing in Firefox you can avoid this problem by pages in new tabbed windows, leaving your draft vmail open until you want to send it.)

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