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And welcome to the Social Studies Department at Western High School. Here you will have the opportunity to study a diverse range of cultures and time periods in an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment. The teachers in the school are all actively engaged in research and they have a fine record of fostering community interest in history.

The study of history offers the broadest possible perspective on the human experience, covering the past as well as the present and embracing all subjects relevant to the human experience: politics, culture, literature, art, film, economics, law, to name a few. The School offers a wide range of courses from the Ancient World to the modern and covering many geographical areas, including Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Read the descriptions under Curriculum Guide on the Western High School home page for full information about the courses offered by the School.

As well as being intrinsically interesting, history teaches us many important research skills, the ability to organize and analyze material and ways of communicating clearly and effectively. History is a continuing process of discovery. Students whom pursue history in high school and college will find careers in many occupations including journalism, law, politics, teaching, librarianship, banking, museum management, and tourism. History also provides training essential to many areas of employment in both the state and federal Public Service and private enterprise. Studying history is regarded highly, professionally, as it combines great intellectual versatility with practical skills.

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