Leonardo Da Vinci Catherine de Mdeici Guillaume Dufay
Donatello Peter Heinlein Gilles Binchois
Women of the Renaissance  Evangelista Totticelli Thomas Morley
Cappella Sistina Otto von Guericke Claudio Monteverdi
Martin Luther Blaise Pascal Antonio Stradivari
Women in Tutor England Anton van Leeuwenhoek Giovanni Gabrieli
Family Relationships in England Issac Newton Jan Pieters Sweelinck
John Calvin
Girolamo Frescobalsi
Geoffrey Chaucer Hans Lippershey Luca Marenzio
           Joan of Arc
               Artemisia Gentileschi
               Clement Janequin
           Queen Isabella
               Mary Stuart 
               Heinrich Issac
Mary Tudor or Mary I
               Elizabeth I
             Josquin des Prez

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